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What type of Collegeboxes Service is Right for you?

Here at Collegeboxes we provide a wide range of services to help meet student’s needs. But what service is right for you? First you will want to think of what your needs are. Do you need storage, shipping, or a combo of both? Do you need your items shipped from home to school? Does Collegeboxes service your school? Do you need your items shipped at time that Collegeboxes is not on campus? Do you want your items picked up at room, or are you willing to leave them at your campus mail room for shipping? Storage and Shipping -The most popular service option for students. With this service student’s storage and/ or shipping items are picked up directly from the dorm room by our movers. They are then stored or shipped home depending on the student’s needs. If boxes are stored they will be held out our storage facility until the student returns to campus. *An Insiders note – Do not be fooled by the title “Storage and Shipping.” This simply means you can do storage, shipping, or a

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