What items should you ship to school

Our ship to school service is designed to make your move to college simple and quick. Now deciding what you're going to send along before you arrive may not be as simple.

You'll want to start by organizing all the things you'll need leading up to the start of school. You don't want to pack away and send off to school any necessities. Now you can start setting aside any desk items, books, decorations, bedding or things to make your dorm feel like home to put in your ship to school boxes. All of those items plus clothes you know you won't be needing for the summer months are perfect to ship ahead of time.

It is also important to take note of all the things you WILL be needing while you're still at home or immediately when you arrive on campus. Any valuables (for example: ID or Passport), toiletries, makeup, medications, chargers, etc should stay with you. You also want to keep your favorite summer clothes with you so you're not scrambling through the boxes you shipped on your first day of class!

All of these things are important to consider when you're getting ready to use our ship to school service. Always double check to make sure the items you've packed aren't things you'll need prior to move in at your new school!


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