Studying Abroad? Store your items with Collegeboxes!

Studying Abroad Made Easier

Collegeboxes has a variety of options for students who are studying abroad for a semester - or longer! We're answering some common questions for you to make this process easier as you are getting set to leave school for winter break and beyond. 

Can I store some items and ship some home? 


Can I store my items from Winter 2016 to Fall 2017? 


Is there free pickup before winter break? 

-Yes, select your school under "Summer storage and shipping" for dates and availability here

Is there a limit to how long I can store items? 


How much does it cost if I store for more than one semester?

-Storage for one box (24"x16"x18" or smaller) is $45.00 per box per semester. 

Can I store items for a semester and then have them shipped home when I return from abroad? 


Can I ship items to where I am studying abroad? 

-Yes, though you will have to fill out an international shipping form which can be found here:

Each service we offer is geared toward making your transitions to and from school easier and more cost effective. This is especially important when you are going to be away from your items and your school for an extended period of time. We want you to feel confident knowing Collegeboxes can pick up, store and return your items when you need them.

If you're not sure what option is best for you give us a call at 781-932-1113 or live chat with a representative at your convenience here:


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