Ship to School service

Need more than storage? 

Our Ship to School service works to provide an easy, fast and reliable way to get your boxes to your new school!

Students can ship their boxes at any time over the summer to have them stored at a local U-Haul facility near their school until the free delivery date of their choice, on the delivery date a Collegeboxes representative will deliver the items to your door making for a seamless transition to your new home! 

How it works: 

Create an account online under our 'Ship to School' option for your school. 

Choose to receive a supply kit or not, it is $39.99 (plus tax) and includes; 5 double-walled boxes (24"x16"x18"), roll of tape, marker, 5 zip ties, 10 label pouches.

Pack your boxes and print your shipping labels. 

Fedex picks up your boxes on the date you have selected and ships them to a local U-Haul facility near your school. (You can track the items you've shipped with a tracking number provided in your account.)

Collegeboxes stores your items and then delivers them to your door on the free delivery date you have selected in your account. (You can add your delivery address at any time in your account.) 

Lastly, save the Collegeboxes! Our double-walled boxes are built to last, we encourage you to save them for your next move with us. 

Still have questions? Contact us at or at 781-932-1113. 


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