Do's & don'ts of shipping items

When you're getting ready for a move it is easy to forget the important details of shipping items! It is also easy to get carried away and start dumping items into boxes without keeping track of what all you are shipping. 

We've created some Do's & Don'ts to make shipping easier!


1. Items MUST be boxed or in luggage, music cases or trunks. 
2. Pack any loose, small items tightly between larger items to avoid shifting while in transit. 
3. Secure any glassware with protective foam, newspaper, cardboard inserts, etc. 
4. Tape the top and bottom of your box so it is completely shut.  
5. Attach the label so it is securely taped to the side of the box.


1. Boxes shouldn't be taped if each of the flaps cannot be folded down and closed together. 
2. Labels should not be attached to fabrics with tape. 
3. Breakable items should not be placed loosely in boxes. 
4. No items should be left without proper labeling.

These three pictures feature some MAJOR don'ts. 



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