Back to School Packing List

School starts in just a few weeks and while someone as organized as yourself has probably already signed up for Ship To School service from  and has everything neatly packed and labeled for your FedEx pickup you scheduled right from your account, we at wanted to make sure you didn’t forget anything important.

To follow is a list that includes everything you could possibly need to bring to school. The stuff that maybe you, a new college freshman, may not have thought of. So, print this list and check it twice. You won’t want to be caught in your dormroom without this stuff…

Under bed storage things
George Forman Grill - you can thank us later!
Travel mug – for much needed coffee on the go
A planner
“Everyone Participates” board games – It wouldn’t be freshman year if you didn’t waste a few quiet Friday nights with Cranium, Taboo, Apples to Apples, etc. Everyone gets tired of lying around hammered/stoned eventually.
Dust Buster – for crumbs in your bed…or ash on your floor
Foam mattress thingy – Dorm mattresses blow
High School yearbook
Plastic Baggies - to bring some of that dorm food back to your room
Shower bucket
Snow pants - for inevitable snowball fights/dining tray sledding (University of Miami and Hawaii please ignore this one!)
Costumes/anything that can be turned into a costume – just trust us on this one
An extra phone charger
Condoms – Saves you the embarassment of asking your RA for one at 3am.
Ear plugs
Sleep mask
Pictures of your friends and family -these really get you through the rough first weeks
A small toolkit
Passport – for impromptu road trips
A Hot Pot - make a delicious ramen noodle stew!
Sports equipment
Stackable hangers – you have NO space for your stuff
Bathroom spray – you don’t want to be known as that girl in the bathroom
First Aid Kit – fill it with various meds (Pepto, Advil, Tums) and all the other stuff you may need for drunken injuries/miscellaneous illnesses. You can’t call mom anymore.
Healthy snacks
Video camera
A lockbox - to keep all those valuables
Going out bag/wallet/jacket - This is a must! Your stuff is going to get ruined/lost, so don’t take anything to a bar or party that you would be devastated by if it ended up covered in beer (or urine)
Mom and dad’s credit card info – “in case of emergencies”
Flip flops for the shower
Playing cards - You never know when a game of A$*hole/Kings will come up.
A cookbook
Your favorite stuffed animal – Don’t be ashamed; your roomie will probably have one too.
Duct tape – It fixes everything; literally.
Speakers – for an impromptu dance party with your roommate!
Febreze - easier than doin’ laundry sometimes
Black magic marker – Write your initials on your cds, dvds, clothing tags, blow-dryer, whatever.
Noise cancelling headphones – Block out the obnoxious ranting of the local chatterbox in the library, coffee shop, or even in your own dorm. Its a better alternative than a fist fight or screaming match, and probably less painful too.


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