What if the free pickup dates have passed

Are there no available 'FREE' dates for pickup listed under your school? 

As we wrap up our free pickups for schools around the country, you may be thinking it is too late to store your items with Collegeboxes. 

Luckily, you are still able to use our Collegeboxes services!

If you are looking for storage but our free pick up dates for your school have passed you can give us a call at 781-932-1113 to schedule a special pick up for $295.00 or you can schedule a drop off at the storage facility near your university for FREE. 

Giving us as much notice as possible is ideal to secure our movers to pickup at a date and time of your choice! 

If you are in need of shipping you can sign up under our Direct Shipping option to schedule a free Fedex pickup from your home, campus mail center or apartment building/offices.

From your school to back home and anywhere in between you can utilize our shipping services all year long! 

To get a better idea of how we can help you with your moves to and from college, check out our services pagehttps://collegeboxes.com/global/services.seam


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